Postal Ops: Signed, Sealed, Deceased

It’s the debut of the Dodge Intrepid spin-off series POSTAL OPS, written by Mike Rubino and James Catullo.

Jerry and Wilson Topplebottom are fresh recruits to the Beaver County chapter of the United States Postal Service crime unit: Postal Ops. Can these two World War I veterans learn the ropes and follow the rules? Or will their thirst for mail-justice be too much to handle? Find out in this premiere mystery: Signed, Sealed, Deceased.

Recorded live at Arcade Comedy Theater, Pittsburgh PA.


Special Release: Death Shows the Way

In honor of this Saturday’s brand new Arcade Radio Mysteries show, we’re releasing a special recording from our show last October. It’s the Foley & Follies homage to The Shadow, where we performed the classic radio serial’s most surprising and politically incorrect episode “Death Shows the Way.”

Featuring voicework by John Feightner, Abby Fudor, Liz Labacz, James Catullo, Mike Rubino, Kristy Nolen, and Zach Simons as announcer and organist.

Live Sound: Live 4/26/08

This Live Sound performance features “I.L.L. 2” along with music by Jason Panella and a preview of “Web of the Futurist.” Recorded live at Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea Co. on April 26, 2008. This recording has been edited to only include the I.L.L. episode.

[This episode is only available on our website and isn’t being podcast.]

Live Release: Death Mountain Crusaders

The complete, uncut live recording of Death Mountain Crusaders, preformed on Saturday, Feb 25, 2012 at the Cabaret at Theater Square, Pittsburgh. Death Mountain Crusaders finds our time traveling hero trekking to 1940s Africa to establish a library system in a native village, getting caught in a race across Byzantium, and fighting off cavemen in the Stone Age.

Since this live performance is out of chronology with our latest podcast episodes, and the file size is jumbo-sized, we are making this recording available only on our website! So take a listen, or download it for later. (1hr 17min, 111mb)