Special Episodes


The first ever spin-off series from Dodge Intrepid! Follow the Prohibition-Era exploits of Jerry and Wilson Topplebottom, two veterans of The Great War now back working as detectives…for the Beaver County Postal Service.

Postal Ops Ep101: Signed, Sealed, Deceased

Jerry and Wilson Topplebottom are fresh recruits to the Beaver County chapter of the United States Postal Service crime unit: Postal Ops. Can these two World War I veterans learn the ropes and follow the rules? Or will their thirst for mail-justice be too much to handle? Find out in this premiere mystery: Signed, Sealed, Deceased. (36min, 52mb)


Dodge Intrepid is primarily a live show, and as such every episode we have podcast was, at some point in time, performed in front of a live audience. Here are a selection of soundboard recordings that are too large to podcast, but still worth downloading if you want to hear a live performance.

Death Mountain Crusaders: Live 2/25/12

The complete, uncut live recording of Death Mountain Crusaders, preformed on Saturday, Feb 25, 2012 at the Cabaret at Theater Square, Pittsburgh. Death Mountain Crusaders finds our time traveling hero trekking to 1940s Africa to establish a library system in a native village, getting caught in a race across Byzantium, and fighting off cavemen in the Stone Age. (1hr 17min, 111mb)

Live Sound: Live 4/26/08

This Live Sound performance features “I.L.L. 2” along with music by Jason Panella and a preview of “Web of the Futurist.” Recorded live at Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea Co. on April 26, 2008. This recording has been edited to only include the I.L.L. episode. (26min, 38mb)


I.L.L. stands for Inter-Library Loan, a vital and important service of the library system. These standalone adventures chronicle Dodge and Pluck’s tireless devotion to fulfilling book requests… no matter what.

I.L.L.: Episode 1 “The Time Machine”

Dodge and Pluck uncover an old room in the Aliquippa National Library filled with outdated paperwork. Amongst the late fees and cobwebs, Dodge discovers an  inter-library loan (I.L.L.) request from 1896 asking for a copy of “The Time Machine” by H. G. Wells. Dodge and Pluck travel back in time to fulfill the request and reaffirm the trustworthiness of the library system.

I.L.L.: Episode 2 “The Mudfog Papers”

Dodge and Pluck receive an inter-library loan request for the only Charles Dickens book they don’t have: “The Mudfog Papers.” When our heroes travel back to 1870 England to buy a new copy, they get caught up in a case of mistaken identity.

I.L.L.: Episode 3 “Beowulf”

After Dodge and Pluck travel to 10th Century Norway to hear an accurate retelling of “Beowulf,” they return home with more than just a good tale. A confused and dangerous viking is let loose in Pittsburgh, running amok through the city’s major sporting events.


Christmas 20082008 Christmas Special: Live

It’s Light-Up Night in the bustling burgh of Aliquippa, and Grandpa Edsel Intrepid is preparing for the big triumph of his first term as mayor: he’s going to create the most magical Christmas celebration ever, complete with a parade, living nativity, and children’s choir. Meanwhile, our hero, Dodge Intrepid, and his befriended nemesis, Buick LeSabre, are on their way out of town to a Vancouver Rare Book Expo and Symposium. Both of these seemingly unrelated events are brought together, however, when a saboteur shows up to destroy Christmas!

Recorded at Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea Co. in Beaver Falls, PA on December 11th, 2008. This is their first live Christmas show at BFCaT, and features music and carols by Jason Panella.

Christmas 20092009 Christmas Special: Live

Dodge Intrepid is faced with a dangerous dilemma: Pluck’s parents are due to arrive at the library for a holiday dinner, but his faithful intern has gone missing! With a questionable agency Santa Claus snooping around the library, and Tug moonlighting as his enemy, can our hero save the holiday from certain disaster?

Recorded at Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea Co. in Beaver Falls, PA on December 17th, 2009. This live recording features a yule-tide Dodge Intrepid adventure alongside original music from Marissa DeSantis with Jason Panella.

Christmas 20102010 Christmas Special: Live

The city of Aliquippa finds itself steeped in fear as a rash of kidnappings have left the town helpless. With the entire police force on vacation (thanks to a decree from Dodge’s grandfather, Mayor Edsel Intrepid), it’s up to Dodge and Pluck to find out who’s behind the disappearances. What they discover will shake you to your very jolly core!

Recorded at Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea Co. in Beaver Falls, PA on December 10th, 2010. This live recording features not only a thrilling new Dodge Intrepid Christmas adventure, but also original music from Marissa DeSantis with Jason Panella.