Season 5


Death Mountain Crusaders at the Cabaret at Theater SquareWhile on a library mission to Africa with Chris Sebring and Bucky Tagalong, Dodge and Pluck investigate the legendary Death Mountain for a mysterious book called The Kryodex. Their journey takes them from the dangerous African jungles to the crusades as they race against Allister Farious and Amsterdamd through temples and tests. Not only are they trying to gain a new book, but also learn the secrets behind all of the mystical tomes Dodge has collected.

Death Mountain Crusaders: Part 1 of 4

Dodge and Pluck travel to Africa with Ambridge librarian Chris Sebring and his intern Bucky Tagalong. Their mission is to establish a library system for a small, native village. Little does Sebring know, our hero is here with ulterior motives.

Death Mountain Crusaders: Part 2 of 4

Dodge and Pluck find themselves deep within the jungles of Africa, surrounded by 100 native warriors and a long-lost enemy. But this forgotten foe holds more than their lives in his hands: he knows the secrets of Death Mountain.

Death Mountain Crusaders: Part 3 of 4

Dodge, Pluck, and the crusading knight Sir Toronado are in a race against Allister and Amsterdamd! Their journey takes them to dangerous, hidden temples and tasks them with challenges requiring every skill they possess… all with hopes of finding that mystical new book: The Kryodex.

Death Mountain Crusaders: Part 4 of 4

Our heroes’ epic journey comes to a thrilling and action-packed conclusion as Dodge, Pluck, and Toronado return to Death Mountain. Their quest takes them back to prehistoric Africa where they find vicious animals, deadly traps, and their Dodge’s arch-nemesis!

“THE RIOT ACT” (Episodes 505-508)

When Mayor Edsel Intrepid is kidnapped, Aliquippa devolves into a chaotic land of anarchy: Ted Brubaker becomes mayor, gangs of social organizations roam the streets, and the city is walled-in by the military. Now, it’s up to Dodge, Pluck, and some unlikely allies to infiltrate the city, restore order, and discover the true powers of the Kryodex.

The Riot Act: Part 1 of 4

After Allister Farious kidnaps Dodge’s grandfather, Mayor Edsel Intrepid, the city of Aliquippa is overrun by anarchists, gangs, and opportunistic newspaper reporters. Meanwhile, Dodge is arrested by the Librarian of Congress for the death of Chris Sebring.

The Riot Act: Part 2 of 4

With Ted Brubaker as mayor and dozens of social club gangs roaming the streets, the city of Aliquippa is plunged in to complete chaos. The Army institutes a secret plan to wall off the city, and it’s up to Dodge and Pluck to infiltrate it and try to fight their way to town hall. Meanwhile, Allister is searching for Edsel Intrepid, who has escaped with the Kryodex.

The Riot Act: Part 3 of 4

Dodge and Pluck team up with Jerry the Bail Bondsman to navigate through the rioting streets of Aliquippa and make it to town hall. Along the way, they have run-ins with the Oddfellows gang, Skullcracker McGee, and Dodge’s kidnapped grandfather!

The Riot Act: Part 4 of 4

Dodge and his posse storm the Aliquippa mayor’s office to reinstall Edsel Intrepid and restore order to the city. There’s more to this climactic final showdown than just fisticuffs, as the true power of the Kryodex is finally unleashed! Can our heroes bring peace to Aliquippa? Find out in this epic conclusion.

“FLESH AND BLOODLINES” (Episodes 509-512)

Dodge discovers a box of old letters from his parents–adventurers who have been missing from his life since he was a child. The letters not only provide insight into Pacer and Mercedes Intrepid’s last known whereabouts, but also tell of a lost relic that may hold the code to deciphering the runes found in Dodge’s mystical books!

This performance was recorded live at Cafe Kolache, Beaver, PA, on August 21, 2010.

Flesh and Bloodlines: Part 1 of 4

While cleaning out an office in the library, Dodge uncovers a box of letters from his parents. Not only is this the first correspondence he’s ever read from them, but the letters tell of a secret artifact that may be the key to solving the runes in Dodge’s mystical books!

Flesh and Bloodlines: Part 2 of 4

While trapped in an Alaskan cave, Dodge and Pluck learn about the final adventure of Pacer and Mercedes Intrepid and their search for the Linguarota.

Flesh and Bloodlines: Part 3 of 4

After being kidnapped in 1900 Alaska by a man in a flying hovercraft, our heroes awaken in a dark prison cell. They may be far from home in both time and space, but Dodge and Pluck find themselves close to family.

Flesh and Bloodlines: Part 4 of 4

Our heroes, along with their new found family and robotic friends, traverse the entire country in this epic finale. As they survey the world of 2525 A.D., they race to find their missing half of the Chronotope and the Linguarota.

“THE MEN OF TOMORROW” (Episodes 513-516)

A volcano. A missing robot. A villainous head in a jar. These threats send our heroes on their most dangerous adventure yet: they must save the Carnegie Library System of Pittsburgh from total destruction. With The Futurist unraveling his master plan throughout the city, the stakes have never been higher and the scale has never been greater. This set of episodes was recorded live at the Steel City Improv Theater on May 6, 2011.

The Men of Tomorrow: Part 1 of 4

Our adventure opens in Italy, 79 A.D., as Dodge and Pluck race around Mt. Vesuvius in search of Allister Farious and the missing Tome of Fire. Their mission is operating under time constraints, however, as the volcanic mountain rumbles in the distance.

The Men of Tomorrow: Part 2 of 4

After the Ambridge Library explodes, Dodge and Pluck find Electro, the golden Westinghouse robot, lingering nearby. This wandering automaton isn’t working alone, and our heroes track him back the basement of a local Sons of Italy where they discover a dangerous old foe.

The Men of Tomorrow: Part 3 of 4

It’s a race against time as Dodge and Pluck try to thwart The Futurist’s epic chain of destruction! Floating factories, exploding inclines, circus acts, and an angry kraken are just some of the ingredients that may lead to the demolition of every library in Pittsburgh. Can our heroes navigate this maze of mayhem? Or has The Futurist one step ahead of the game?

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