Season 4

“FREEDOM READERS” (Episodes 401-404)

After an assassin’s bullet wrecks the announcement of the 1940 mayoral election results, Allister takes over control of the city. Meanwhile, Dodge and Pluck travel into the future and team up with some old comrades in order to uncover the truth behind the election.

Freedom Readers: Part 1 of 4

Just as the results of the 1940 mayoral election are about to be announced, shots ring out and chaos fills the city. With Aliquippa’s future hanging in the balance, Dodge and Pluck need the help of some old friends to restore order.

Freedom Readers: Part 2 of 4

Mad with power, Allister Farious asserts himself as mayor of Aliquippa by jailing Edsel Intrepid. Meanwhile, Dodge and Pluck fight alongside the Freedom Readers in the year 2000.

Freedom Readers: Part 3 of 4

After a surprise attack from Farious forces in the year 2000, our heroes lose their half of the Chronotope and are stranded in the future. Now, it’s up to Dodge and the Freedom Readers to retrieve the book in Neo-Beaver Falls. Meanwhile, in 1940, Allister Farious continues to expand his control over Aliquippa while Edsel toils in prison.

Freedom Readers: Part 4 of 4

The struggle over the Aliquippa mayor’s office comes to an explosive climax in a parallel story spanning 60 years! While Tug Horsesense gets closer to uncovering the truth about the election results, Dodge, Pluck, and the Freedom Readers are in a fiery brawl in the streets of Neo-Beaver Falls. Can justice prevail and the truth be revealed? Find out in this incredible conclusion.

“HUNT FOR THE TOME OF FIRE” (Episodes 405-408)

Dodge and Pluck are sent on a mission to Nazi-occupied Europe to find the Hirs-Top-Kit, a mystical book also known as “The Tome of Fire.” They soon learn that they aren’t the only ones after the book, and our heroes must team up with an old foe in order to stop Allister and his mentor, Amsterdamd.

Hunt for the Tome of Fire: Part 1 of 4

Dodge and Pluck arrive at the Gumption household expecting a nice dinner with the intern’s family. Little do they know, Pluck’s father, General Gumption, has an urgent mission in store for him. Our heroes are sent on the hunt for the Tome of Fire, a mystical book that could give America a leg-up against the Nazis!

Hunt for the Tome of Fire: Part 2 of 4

While Dodge, Pluck, and Lancer the Book Runner sneak across Europe disguised as Nazis, we flash back to the legendary card game where Horace Intrepid first obtained the Chronotope.

Hunt for the Tome of Fire: Part 3 of 4

Dodge, Pluck, and Lancer arrive in Praguae and are saved by a group of Jewish refugees. As they near Jagr Castle, and supposedly the Tome of Fire, our heroes learn of a dangerous secret traveling in their caravan: the refugees are the protectors of a monster!

Hunt for the Tome of Fire: Part 4 of 4

Our heroes face off against a fiery Allister Farious inside Jagr Castle. Fireballs and gypsies are at every turn as Dodge and Lancer try to recover the Tome of Fire. Can our heroes prevail unscathed? Will their mission go down in flames? And what will come of Pluck’s golem? Find out in this thrilling conclusion.

“DUEL WITH DEATH” (Episodes 409-412)

Dodge and Pluck hunt for a book in the historic Vicary Mansion, a foreboding, possibly haunted estate on the edge of Freedom, Pennsylvania. Their journey doesn’t just stop there, as they travel back to the 1800s and discover a cloaked stalker, a band of gypsy thieves, and former Vice President Aaron Burr. It’s a dark, tense adventure into a previously unexplored area of Beaver County history.

Duel with Death: Part 1 of 4

Dodge and Pluck make a startling discovery buried beneath the streets of Aliquippa, they receive a mysterious note about a rare manuscript hidden inside of the Vicary Mansion, a nearby historical landmark. As our heroes investigate this creepy mansion, they discover that there’s more within its walls than an old book.

Duel with Death: Part 2 of 4

Dodge and Pluck discover a ghostly presence in the Vicary House that leads them back to 1830–and the dark, mysterious woods of Beaver County. With shadowy figures and old foes at every turn, can our heroes make it out of there alive?

Duel with Death: Part 3 of 4

After a run-in with a shadowy figure, our heroes travel to the rough and tumble river town of Bridgewater. There, Dodge squares off against former vice president Aaron Burr in a pistol duel to the death.

Duel with Death: Part 4 of 4

In this surprising conclusion, our heroes return to the Vicary House and unmask their shadowy stalker. Can our heroes find the book they’re after? Who is this mysterious assailant? And how is Allister Farious involved in all of this? Find out in this suspenseful finale.

“FIRESIDE ASSASSINS” (Episodes 413-416)

Dodge, Pluck, and Buick LeSabre travel to Washington D.C. to help General Gumption utilize the Tome of Fire to end the war in Europe. While there, they discover an assassination plot targeting President Roosevelt. It’s a conspiracy that stretches from the depths of Washington to the war-torn countryside of France!

Fireside Assassins: Part 1 of 4

Dodge, Pluck, and Buick LeSabre travel to Washington D.C. to help General Gumption decode the Tome of Fire. While our heroes toil away in a hidden bunker underneath the Washington Monument, Pluck stumbles on to a devious assassination plot.

Fireside Assassins: Part 2 of 4

After discovering a plot to assassination FDR, Pluck, Ted Brubaker, and Tug Horsense must escape the Washington Monument and warn the president.

Fireside Assassins: Part 3 of 4

Having unlocked the secret, new powers of the Tome of Fire, Buick LeSabre flees to Europe with the book. Now, Dodge and Pluck must chase after him, and avoid the Nazis at all costs.

Fireside Assassins: Part 4 of 4

In this fiery conclusion, Ted and Tug are hot on the trails of the spies responsible for the FDR assassination attempt. Dodge and Pluck, having tracked Buick back to his mansion in France, must wrestle with the Tome’s newfound powers. Can our heroes make it out of Europe alive? And who is behind this ocean-spanning conspiracy?

“WEB OF THE FUTURIST” (Episodes 417-420)

Dodge and Pluck discover that The Futurist is, in a manner of speaking, still alive and trying to create a world fueled by violent originality. The Italian’s return sends our librarian on a journey spanning thousands of years into an frightening future and then back through ancient history… all leading to a season finale of epic proportions.

Web of the Futurist: Part 1 of 4

After narrowly surviving a tank attack on the beaches of France, our heroes discover that there is a threat far greater than the Nazis: Futurists. Now, Dodge and Pluck must infiltrate the group of Italian anarchists in order to find out who is leading this dangerous revival.

Web of the Futurist: Part 2 of 4

Dodge and Pluck learn that their Italian nemesis, The Futurist, is alive and is trying to cleanse the world through war. But our heroes make an even more startling discovery when they travel to the year 2010 and find a future unlike anything they’ve seen before.

Web of the Futurist: Part 3 of 4

After being stranded in the strange world of 2010, our heroes travel to Ancient Greece for a final showdown with The Futurist. Along the way, Dodge and Pluck team up with two of history’s greatest philosophers, and one questionable mythological creature.

Web of the Futurist: Part 4 of 4

It’s a race against time, as Dodge tries to save the Library of Alexandria and the life of his intern! Don’t miss this thrilling Season 4 finale, as our hero faces his greatest challenge and makes a startling discovery that could change everything.