Season 3

“THE TRIAL OF DODGE INTREPID” (Episodes 301-304)

Dodge is put on trial for the destruction of the Farious Steel Factory and must fight to keep his job. Meanwhile, Allister Farious announces his campaign to be elected as Mayor of Aliquippa.

The Trial of Dodge Intrepid: Part 1 of 4

With the Aliquippa National Library burned to the ground, Dodge Intrepid is fighting in the trial of his life! A secret Beaver County commission has been formed to interrogate the world famous librarian, along with all of his friends and enemies, in order to decide his fate. With each character testifying to his own perception of the events, stories with cross, truth will be challenged, and judgement will be passed.

The Trial of Dodge Intrepid: Part 2 of 4

Dodge explains how the Farious Steel Factory burned to the ground. Can his testimony prove his innocence? Find out as the fiery events unfold and the verdict is finally delivered.

The Trial of Dodge Intrepid: Part 3 of 4

Months have passed since Dodge lost his job as Aliquippa librarian, and it appears the city has moved on: Pluck is now intern at the Beaver County Gazette and Allister Farious has begun running for Mayor of Aliquippa. The town is headed on a collision course with disaster, unless our hero returns from exile.

The Trial of Dodge Intrepid: Part 4 of 4

After a triumphant return, Dodge Intrepid joins Pluck on a race to stop Norman Goodnick from destroying his library. Their journey takes them all the way to Station Square in Pittsburgh, and onto the city’s legendary incline system. Don’t miss this thrilling conclusion, with a twist ending you won’t believe!

“THE SEARCH FOR PLUCK” (Episodes 305-308)

Search for Pluck drawing

Original sketch of Dodge for the "Search for Pluck" poster by Mike Rubino

Dodge travels through time to find Pluck, while Grandpa Edsel Intrepid begins his campaign for mayor.

The Search for Pluck: Part 1 of 4

After months of pouring through history books, Dodge Intrepid finally locates Pluck, who was tossed into a random portal by Allister Farious during their last adventure. While Dodge travels hundreds of years into the past to find his intern, Grandfather Edsel is drafted into running for mayor of Aliquippa by a group of concerned citizens.

The Search for Pluck: Part 2 of 4

After discovering that Pluck spent a year as a god to a small group of Native Americans, Dodge must help his intern defend their village from invaders. Their tactics result in plenty of broken jaws, but is it enough to fend off the vicious Delaware tribe?

The Search for Pluck: Part 3 of 4

Dodge and Pluck return to 1940 and find themselves in the midst of Grandpa’s fledgling mayoral campaign. While Grandpa prepares for a town hall debate with Allister Farious, Pluck investigates Edsel’s suspicious new intern Bentley Renault.

The Search for Pluck: Part 4 of 4

Edsel Intrepid’s campaign was sabotaged and someone leaked to the press that Dodge is a time traveler. All signs point to the mysterious British intern, Bentley Reneault, who has suddenly disappeared… with Dodge’s half of the Chronotope.

“DRAFTED” (Episodes 309-312)


Dodge is kidnapped by the FBI, who have learned about his time traveling book, and is forced to go on a top secret mission.

Drafted: Part 1 of 4

After Dodge’s time traveling ability is revealed to the public, he’s kidnapped by J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI. They want Dodge to teach them how to use the Chronotope. Meanwhile, Pluck travels to Washington to save Dodge and Grandpa continues his mayoral campaign.

Drafted: Part 2 of 4

Locked in a secret room within the White House, Dodge has no choice but to obey the commands of J. Edgar Hoover. Meanwhile, while searching the premises, Pluck runs into an old nemesis from school, Tug Horsense.

Drafted: Part 3 of 4

With hopes of stopping The Great War from every happening, J. Edgar Hoover sends Dodge and Pluck on a mission through time. They must stop the five assassins of the Black Hand from killing Franz Ferdinand. Is Dodge willing to break his own rules on time traveling in order to save hundreds of thousands of lives?

Drafted: Part 4 of 4

Dodge and Pluck return home to Aliquippa to find the mayoral race overrun with time traveler fever. While they were gone, Edsel decided to exploit his time traveling status for political gain, turning the library into a tourist destination.

“ELECTION 1940” (Episodes 313-316)

Vote Time TravelerAfter a brutal campaign, Election Day is finally here and it’s filled with political tricks, goons, and kidnappings.

Election 1940: Part 1 of 4

The mayoral race between Edsel Intrepid and Allister Farious enters the final stages of the campaign as speeches and attack ads fly. Meanwhile Dodge and Pluck meet a new foe while searching for a book in the catacombs beneath Geneva College.

Election 1940: Part 2 of 4

With Edsel on the rise, Allister is forced to employ “Plan B” by traveling through time to fetch a legendary goon. In the meantime, Dodge and Pluck try to set a trap for Lancer, only to have their plans go down in flames.

Election 1940: Part 3 of 4

Election Day is finally here, and Allister’s “Plan B” is in full effect. Just as Grandpa Edsel is about to cast a vote for himself, he’s kidnapped by Skullcracker McGee. Now, it’s up to Dodge and Pluck to get him back before the polls close.

Election 1940: Part 4 of 4

In this thrilling conclusion, Dodge and Pluck travel back to the 1700s to rescue Edsel Intrepid from a nearby colonial fort. Can they rescue him and get back in time to hear the results of the 1940 mayoral election?