Season 1

The Beginning

“THE BEGINNING” (Episodes 101-104)

World famous librarian Dodge Intrepid discovers a legendary book that allows its possessor to travel through time. 

The Beginning: Pt 1 of 4

Dodge Intrepid and Pluck Gumption escape from the belly of a whale and return to the bustling city of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. There, Dodge’s grandfather presents him with a new discovery: the Chronotope, a book that allows its user to travel through time. Dodge, however, isn’t the only person interested in the tome.

The Beginning: Pt 2 of 4

Dodge and Pluck chase the infamous goon No Goodnick to a steel factory in Aliquippa only to be trapped by its owner, Allister Farious. After a brawl, the three of them tumble through a portal and emerge over 60 years in the future.

The Beginning: Pt 3 of 4

Lost in the future without a way home, Dodge and Pluck chase after Allister Farious. Meanwhile, the evil industrialist seeks revenge against his former goon, No Goodnick, who stole the steel factory from Farious after his disappearance in the past.

The Beginning: Pt 4 of 4

Dodge and Pluck arrive just in time to save Allister Farious from the clutches of an old Norman Goodnick. Now they have to return back to 1940 and deal with the death of Dodge’s grandfather, Edsel Intrepid.