Mike Rubino and James Catullo have been writing Dodge Intrepid together since 2005. Even before that, they worked together with the Cellar Dwellers comedy troupe writing and performing in dozens of sketch shows.

James Catullo

James Catullo: Co-creator, co-writer, and voice of “Dodge Intrepid”

Individually, they’re both prolific humor writers and avid bloggers. Rubino is a produced playwright, filmmaker, and critic for DVD Verdict. Catullo co-writes the popular craft beer blog He Drank She Drank with his wife, and writes and performs for various comedy troupes in Cleveland.

Mike Rubino

Mike Rubino: Co-creator, co-writer, and voice of “Pluck Gumption”


While Catullo and Rubino handle the show’s heroic librarian/intern duo, there is another man working behind the scenes.

Michael Hinzman

Michael Hinzman: Master of voices

Michael Hinzman is Dodge Intrepid’s resident man of a thousand voices. He is not only responsible for the signature voices of such fan favorites as Ted Brubaker, Buick LeSabre, The Futurist, and Jerry the Bailbondsman, but also an entire galaxy of goons, sidekicks, villains, and eccentrics. Hinzman is a founding member of the Cellar Dwellers comedy troupe, and has appeared in many stage productions in Pittsburgh.


While these three supply the bulk of voices for the show, they aren’t without the help of some other extremely talented individuals.

Abby Fudor (Frankly Scarlett, Friday Nite Improvs) and Marissa DeSantis (Tubshark, This Improvised Life) have both contributed to live and studio performances. Fudor, who debuted on the show in 2012’s Curse of the Book Thief, is best known as the voice of Fairlane. DeSantis, who appeared as Dodge’s mother in 2010’s Flesh and Bloodlines, is also a frequent musical guest during the show’s Christmas specials.