Duel with Death (Live June 13 2013)

A special release from the archives of the Dodge Intrepid radio show! This recording features a revised script that edited together the four separate installments into a single show. Recorded at Arcade Comedy Theater on June 12, 2013, and featuring performances by Mike Rubino, James Catullo, and Michael Hinzman. Sound effects by Dave Ranallo.

Duel with Death: Dodge and Pluck hunt for a book in the historic Vicary Mansion, a foreboding, possibly haunted estate on the edge of Freedom, Pennsylvania. Their journey doesn’t just stop there, as they travel back to the 1800s and discover a cloaked stalker, a band of gypsy thieves, and former Vice President Aaron Burr. It’s a dark, tense adventure into a previously unexplored area of Beaver County history.


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