Madness & Follies at the Arcade


Dodge Intrepid made his return to Arcade Comedy Theater this month for a brand new adventure, The Madness Beyond Time. The show, which was performed in front of a capacity crowd, was the first new adventure the gang has written in over a year.

To celebrate, James and Mike also assembled an amazing cast of voices for a new, vintage-themed variety show: Foley & Follies: Radio-Variety Hour. Featuring a classic Dodge Intrepid I.L.L. adventure, Uncle Wilbur commercials, pulpy long-form improv, and an authentic script from a 1930’s episode of The Shadow, the show was a fun experiment.

The cast of Foley & Follies featured James Catullo, Kristy Nolen, Michael Hinzman, John Feightner, Mike Rubino, Abby Fudor, Liz Labacz, and Zach Simons (who was the host and accompanist for the evening.)
Foley and Follies Cast


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