Geek Pittsburgh Interview

This past week, the venerable and always entertaining website Geek Pittsburgh interviewed the cast of Dodge Intrepid as they prepare for their upcoming adventure, The Madness Beyond Time.

Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time is the brainchild of James Catullo and Michael Rubino, who, along with Michael Hinzman, make up the core of the live performances. Catullo and Rubino were originally members of the Beaver County comedy troupe the Cellar Dwellers, and when the owner of Café Kolache—a local coffee shop that they frequented—asked about the group staging a production there, Rubino came up with a different idea. “Their performance space, usually reserved for acoustic musicians, was too small for our troupe to do improv or sketch comedy,” he explains. “But I started to think about other types of shows I could do there and hit on the radio-serial format.”

Writer Anthony Letizia delves into the show’s origins, how James and Mike came up with the name “Dodge Intrepid,” and what Mike Hinzman loves about doing so many voices.

Read the whole article here, and get ready for adventure this Saturday at Arcade Comedy Theater!

Tickets are on sale now!


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