Dodge Returns to Arcade Comedy, Saturday June 1

Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time returns to Arcade Comedy Theater on Saturday, June 1, for another pair of thrilling and hilarious adventures. With their previous appearance at the theater being such a success (including the introduction of new visuals to accompany the live show), the trio is excited to get back on the stage.

This time around, the group will be performing two more classic adventures never before performed in the city of Pittsburgh.

At 8PM it’s Flesh & Bloodlines, the thrilling search for Dodge’s family secrets. And at 10PM it’s Duel with Death, a dark and frightening adventure into the history of a haunted Beaver County estate.

Tickets for both shows are available in advance. And just as before, audience members attending the 8pm show are invited to see the second show free! Tickets are $10 and $5 for students, and both shows are BYOB.


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