Riotous Good Time!

This past weekend, James, Mike, and Michael performed their first ever double-header at the brand new Arcade Comedy Theater in downtown Pittsburgh. At 8pm, they performed The Men of Tomorrow to a full house and followed it with a 10pm performance of The Riot Act. The shows were also the first time Dodge Intrepid has been presented with visuals! Accompanying both performances were slides featuring historic Aliquippa and Pittsburgh photographs, and illustrations of the shows’ settings.

Their performance also received a great review by Geek Pittsburgh, which happily reported that Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time is “still going strong” after nearly 7 years of shows:

Dressed in suits and ties, James Catullo, Michael Hinzman and Mike Rubino enthralled the packed house with their comedic radio-style scripts filled with Steel City references and the trio’s ability to juggle multiple characters with an assortment of vocal accents. The evening also included commercial breaks from sponsor Uncle Wilbur—whose products include “free-range potted meat,” “hang-gliding tours of Pittsburgh” and “health cigarettes”—which drew as much laughter as the narratives themselves. As an added bonus, Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time utilized the video screen at the Arcade Theater by including black-and-white photos to enhance the performance even more. 

With the success of Dodge at Arcade Comedy Theater, you can bet your potted meat that the trio will be returning there soon with even more great adventures.


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