Flight of the Librarian Debuts Aug 18th

Flight of the LibrarianPittsburgh’s favorite adventure-comedy radio show is back! Live! At the Cabaret at Theater Square on August 18th!

Upon returning from yet another book adventure, world-famous librarian and secret time-traveler, Dodge Intrepid, finds himself suddenly public enemy number one in his beloved Aliquippa. Suddenly, every man, woman, and child are on the hunt for our hero and his loyal intern, Pluck Gumption. Even Dodge’s closest and most trusted friends and family have mysteriously turned on him, almost as if something—or someone—controls their minds.

With no safe place to turn, Dodge and Pluck are forced to take flight. They find refuge in the wilds of Beaver County. From there they must discover the secret force that is controlling their friends, and find a way to stop it before it seizes power over the entire world.

Picking up after the events of Curse of the Book Thief, this new adventure features the written wit of Mike Rubino and James Catullo, performed alongside talented voice actors Michael Hinzman and Abby Fudor.


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