NEW LIVE SHOW: Curse of the Book Thief on March 31


Don’t miss the debut of a brand new Dodge Intrepid radio adventure, live at the Cabaret at Theater Square in downtown Pittsburgh. Written by James Catullo and Mike Rubino, this pulpy, hilarious adventure is packed with surprises. The show also features the radio debut of special guest voice actor Abby Fudor (Frankly Scarlett).

When the Uncle Wilbur Corporation’s recipe book is stolen, halting all production of their famous potted meat product, it’s up to Dodge and Pluck to track it down. Curse of the Book Thief is filled with dark secrets, goofy voices, femme fatales, arcane food production methods, explosions, colorful characters, and charm… lots of charm.

The Dodge Intrepid radio show is a romp filled with wit, library techniques, time traveling, and adventure of the highest order.

Admission is $5 at the door. 21+ and there are great drink and food specials via the Backstage Bar. Check out the event on Facebook.

Official Press Release:

Dodge Intrepid Radio Show Debuts New Show with Expanded Cast
“Curse of the Book Thief” offers up a fun mystery starring talented local voice actors

 When a local Pittsburgh food conglomerate has its ancient recipe book stolen, it’s up to Dodge Intrepid, a time-traveling librarian, to track it down in the new live radio play, “Curse of the Book Thief.” This auditory romp is debuting at the Cabaret at Theater Square on Saturday, March 31st at 10:30pm. This new installment of Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time continues its tradition of being a fun, retro radio show, but also features an additional cast member.

“Curse of the Book Thief,” a noir cat-and-mouse adventure, continues Rubino and Catullo’s run at the Cabaret at Theater Square, a venue perfectly suited for the light-hearted, high-adventure radio conventions of the show. For this installment, the original cast of Rubino, Catullo and voice actor Michael Hinzman is joined by Abby Fudor, a local improviser and one of the founding members of the Frankly Scarlett comedy troupe. Fudor will play the show’s new heroine character, Fairlane, amongst other voices.

Harking back to the golden age of radio plays like The Shadow, Dodge Intrepid is an over-the-top adventure serial complete with two-fisted heroes, resourceful sidekicks, nefarious villains, nerve jangling cliffhangers, and vintage commercials all filtered through an affectionate, off-kilter sense of humor. Writers James Catullo and Michael Rubino, along with Pittsburgh actor Michael Hinzman, have regaled audiences with the daring exploits of Dodge Intrepid, the eponymous librarian hero, and Pluck Gumption, his sidekick, since 2005. The show mixes adventure, local history, and comedy in a unique spin on an old art form. There is a resurgence of interest in classic radio programs across the region. Dodge Intrepid joins Bricolage’s popular Midnight Radio series at the forefront of the movement.

Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time began as a side project for Rubino and Catullo, both members of the Rochester, PA-based comedy troupe, The Cellar Dwellers. Together, this cast of writers and radio-lovers have produced over 50 episodes and have appeared at the Cabaret at Theater Square three times in the past six months. Recently, the troupe has re-launched their podcast, which features live and studio recordings of all their serialized adventures.


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