Returned to Sender: Postal Ops returns this Saturday

Postal Ops

This Saturday, 8pm at Arcade Comedy Theater, James and Mike return with another performance of Postal Ops: Signed, Sealed, Deceased! It’s all part of their improv & radio production of Arcade Radio Mysteries.

Featuring the voice talents of Brad Stephenson (Knights of the Arcade) and Kristy Nolen (Dinner with the Nolens) alongside Rubino & Catullo, Postal Ops introduces the seedy underworld of mail fraud in 1920s Aliquippa. It’s a noir-tinged comedy that you don’t want to miss.

The show also features a brand new longform improv set packed full of pulp! Improvisers Rubino, Catullo, Kristy & Jethro Nolen, John Feightner, Liz Labacz, and more will team up to create a world of radio adventures, mysteries, and thrills… all based on audience suggestions.

Tickets are on sale now. $10 for adults, $5 for children 13 and up.

“Curse of the Book Thief” This Saturday!

Pittsburgh’s favorite librarian is back this Saturday, May 16, at Arcade Comedy Theater in a rare performance of “Curse of the Book Thief!” This full-length adventure was originally performed once, three years ago, and never released online. It begins our sixth season — none of which has ever been released on our podcast feed!

In this new adventure, Dodge and Pluck are brought in on a special book mission close to our intern’s heart: the Uncle Wilbur Corporation’s recipe book has been stolen! Now, it’s up to our heroes, along with some old friends & new faces, to track down Uncle Wilbur’s secrets and save the future of Potted Meat!

This performance is also unique in that it features a special guest voice actor: Joe Lyons, one of the stars of the popular Knights of the Arcade podcast and show. Lyons, a veteran writer and actor in his own right, is filling in for the roles usually played by Michael Hinzman. The show also features our regular cast of Mike Rubino, James Catullo, and Abby Fudor.

You can catch the show’s one-night-only performance this Saturday, at 8pm at Arcade Comedy Theater. The show is open to all ages, and kids under 18 get in for just $5. The venue is also BYOB and BYO-Potted Meat.

A Book Thief is Afoot at the Arcade

Dodge Intrepid is making his triumphant return to Pittsburgh’s best comedy venue, Arcade Comedy Theater, next month! Get ready for a new performance of Curse of the Book Thief — being performed for the first time in over two years, and never released via podcast! So unless you were one of the 50 people that saw it live years ago, it might as well be new!

Treating audiences to peculiar conflicts, plucky heroes, and pulpy villains, “Curse of the Book Thief” is the next installment of the serial radio play known as Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time, which follows the adventures of a time-traveling librarian. In “Book Thief,” the titular hero, Dodge, is in a cat-and-mouse-chase for a major factory’s stolen recipe book in this imagined 1940s Pittsburgh.

Catch the all-ages show on Saturday, May 16 at 8pm! Tickets $10 adults & $5 for students and kids. Get your tickets today!

Queen’s Knight to Dodge’s Intern!

Secret Gambit HeaderWe’re just days away from a brand new, full-length adventure from Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time! Written by Mike Rubino and James Catullo over the past three months, this latest installment marks the beginning of the show’s Seventh Season — but you don’t need to worry about that if you’re new to the show.

Secret Gambit of the Chess Master is a fresh start for our librarian & intern duo. Picking up five years after their previous adventure, Gambit finds our heroes dealing with the curses and fame brought on by their experiences in World War II; Dodge is running from his past, working in a limestone mine in Lawrence County, and Pluck is a national war hero. They’ll have to put aside their past to deal with a new threat in the present: a devious villain known only as The Chess Master.

This new adventure is being performed one-night-only at Arcade Comedy Theater in downtown Pittsburgh. Show starts at 8pm, and is open to all ages. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for students and kids under 18.

The Secret Gambit!

Secret Gambit

The year is 1947. Since the nuclear bombs have fallen and the war in Europe and the Pacific has ended, America has returned to the business of America: industry. Across the country, men return to factories, steel yards, construction sites, and farms… but there is one man who didn’t go home.

So begins the latest adventure of Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time: The Secret Gambit of the Chess Master! It’s a new adventure unlike anything you’ve heard from this pulp radio series: new villains, exotic locales, and plenty of witty intrigue!

Friday, November 21 at 8pm
Arcade Comedy Theater
811 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh PA
Tickets are $10 & $5 students – the show is all ages!


Flesh and Bloodlines (Live June 12 2013)

A special release from the archives of the Dodge Intrepid radio show! This recording features a revised script that edited together the four separate installments into a single show. Recorded at Arcade Comedy Theater on June 12, 2013, and featuring performances by Mike Rubino, James Catullo, and Michael Hinzman along with special guest Liz Labacz. Sound effects by Dave Ranallo.

Flesh and Bloodlines: Dodge discovers a box of old letters from his parents–adventurers who have been missing from his life since he was a child. The letters not only provide insight into Pacer and Mercedes Intrepid’s last known whereabouts, but also tell of a lost relic that may hold the code to deciphering the runes found in Dodge’s mystical books!

Duel with Death (Live June 13 2013)

A special release from the archives of the Dodge Intrepid radio show! This recording features a revised script that edited together the four separate installments into a single show. Recorded at Arcade Comedy Theater on June 12, 2013, and featuring performances by Mike Rubino, James Catullo, and Michael Hinzman. Sound effects by Dave Ranallo.

Duel with Death: Dodge and Pluck hunt for a book in the historic Vicary Mansion, a foreboding, possibly haunted estate on the edge of Freedom, Pennsylvania. Their journey doesn’t just stop there, as they travel back to the 1800s and discover a cloaked stalker, a band of gypsy thieves, and former Vice President Aaron Burr. It’s a dark, tense adventure into a previously unexplored area of Beaver County history.

Special Halloween Release!

We’ve dug through our archives and discovered a rare live recording never heard by human ears! Tomorrow, we’ll be posting and podcasting a new performance of one of our favorite adventures: Duel with Death.

Recorded live at Arcade Comedy Theater on June 12, 2013 (as part of a double-feature with a second show we’ll be podcasting next week), Duel with Death follows our heroes on a ghostly mystery through the Vicary Mansion in Freedom, Pennsylvania. The adventure is filled with mysterious cults, cloaked stalkers, ghostly sounds, and a very cantankerous vice president.

Check back here tomorrow or refresh your podcast feed! And don’t forget, a brand new adventure awaits on November 21.

A New Adventure Awaits… Make Your Move!

Mike and James are hard at work for a brand new, full-length adventure of Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time. While their previous season has yet to be released via podcast (in time, in time…), this new tale is a fresh slate. Picking up after World War II ends, our heroes find themselves returning to a live far different than what they once knew.

This new adventure takes place five years after our previous tale, The Madness Beyond Time, and features a brand new villain unlike anything Dodge and Pluck have faced!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be announcing the show’s official title and a new poster. Until then, mark your calendars for Friday, November 21 at 8pm. And if you dare, get tickets today!

Special Release: Foley & Follies Improv Set!

Foley and FolliesAs part of our Arcade Radio Mysteries show last July, Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time presented two-acts of hilarious pulp. The first was the debut installment of our new spin-off series, Postal Ops. The second was a 45-minute, tightly-wound improv set inspired by very real radio show titles from the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s.

Now, for your auditory pleasure, we’ve whittled down and cleaned up the Foley & Follies improv set for a quick and fun online release — as we had hoped, many of the scenes played out just like real radio plays!

The recording features performances by Mike Rubino, James Catullo, John Feightner, Kristy Nolen, Jethro Nolen, Jerome Fitzgerald, and our announcer Zach Simons.

Postal Ops: Signed, Sealed, Deceased

It’s the debut of the Dodge Intrepid spin-off series POSTAL OPS, written by Mike Rubino and James Catullo.

Jerry and Wilson Topplebottom are fresh recruits to the Beaver County chapter of the United States Postal Service crime unit: Postal Ops. Can these two World War I veterans learn the ropes and follow the rules? Or will their thirst for mail-justice be too much to handle? Find out in this premiere mystery: Signed, Sealed, Deceased.

Recorded live at Arcade Comedy Theater, Pittsburgh PA.

Special Release: Death Shows the Way

In honor of this Saturday’s brand new Arcade Radio Mysteries show, we’re releasing a special recording from our show last October. It’s the Foley & Follies homage to The Shadow, where we performed the classic radio serial’s most surprising and politically incorrect episode “Death Shows the Way.”

Featuring voicework by John Feightner, Abby Fudor, Liz Labacz, James Catullo, Mike Rubino, Kristy Nolen, and Zach Simons as announcer and organist.

Going Postal

Saturday, July 12 at 10pm, James and Mike are returning to Arcade Comedy Theater for a brand new installment of Arcade Radio Mysteries — their pulpy variety that blends radio adventure and improv! This special show marks the debut of a new Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time spin-off series: POSTAL OPS.

Tailored after noir and procedural police serials, POSTAL OPS is a Prohibition-era comedy detective series following Wilson and Jerry Topplebottom. They’re fresh recruits to the Beaver County chapter of the United States Postal Service crime unit: Postal Ops. Can these two World War I veterans learn the ropes and follow the rules? Or will their thirst for mail-justice be too much to handle?

Don’t miss this brand new chapter in the Dodge Intrepid universe!

Tickets are ON SALE NOW and just $10!

The Thrills of Summer!

We know, it’s been a long time since anyone has heard from their favorite time-traveling librarian. Since our last adventure, Mike and James have been busy being grown-ups: Mike recently got married to his wonderful fiancee Abby while James and his wife Marissa moved into a new home. Now that things have settled down, and the summer approaches, we’re ready for some new adventures… and finally releasing some old ones.

The lost season of Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time will be released this summer, with recovered recordings of our previous three full-length adventures!

Mike and James are also planning a brand new performance of Arcade Radio Mysteries in July. It’s a mix of Dodge Intrepid, classic radio scripts, and theater improv involving an expanded cast of amazing actors.

Then, get ready for a brand new, full-length adventure in September! Mike and James have already begun writing, and given the events of our last live show, this new tale is going to shock and amaze you. Don’t worry, with the upcoming podcast releases, you’ll be all caught up in time.

So to our loyal fans, and new listeners, we want to thank you for sticking with us! We hope you’re as excited for the summer as we are.

Madness & Follies at the Arcade


Dodge Intrepid made his return to Arcade Comedy Theater this month for a brand new adventure, The Madness Beyond Time. The show, which was performed in front of a capacity crowd, was the first new adventure the gang has written in over a year.

To celebrate, James and Mike also assembled an amazing cast of voices for a new, vintage-themed variety show: Foley & Follies: Radio-Variety Hour. Featuring a classic Dodge Intrepid I.L.L. adventure, Uncle Wilbur commercials, pulpy long-form improv, and an authentic script from a 1930’s episode of The Shadow, the show was a fun experiment.

The cast of Foley & Follies featured James Catullo, Kristy Nolen, Michael Hinzman, John Feightner, Mike Rubino, Abby Fudor, Liz Labacz, and Zach Simons (who was the host and accompanist for the evening.)
Foley and Follies Cast

Geek Pittsburgh Interview

This past week, the venerable and always entertaining website Geek Pittsburgh interviewed the cast of Dodge Intrepid as they prepare for their upcoming adventure, The Madness Beyond Time.

Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time is the brainchild of James Catullo and Michael Rubino, who, along with Michael Hinzman, make up the core of the live performances. Catullo and Rubino were originally members of the Beaver County comedy troupe the Cellar Dwellers, and when the owner of Café Kolache—a local coffee shop that they frequented—asked about the group staging a production there, Rubino came up with a different idea. “Their performance space, usually reserved for acoustic musicians, was too small for our troupe to do improv or sketch comedy,” he explains. “But I started to think about other types of shows I could do there and hit on the radio-serial format.”

Writer Anthony Letizia delves into the show’s origins, how James and Mike came up with the name “Dodge Intrepid,” and what Mike Hinzman loves about doing so many voices.

Read the whole article here, and get ready for adventure this Saturday at Arcade Comedy Theater!

Tickets are on sale now!

A New Sort of Madness


It’s been quite a year for the cast of Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time! After a number of performances of classic material at the brand new Arcade Comedy Theater, James and Mike are ready to dust off their typewriters and bring the world something new. Okay, they don’t really use typewriters.

Building off of last year’s new adventures, Curse of the Book Thief and Flight of the Librarian, the cast is now in the final stages of preparation for The Madness Beyond Time. The show is debuting at the Arcade on Saturday, October 19, 2013. Just in time for Halloween.
Madness Beyond Time


This new adventure picks up months after the ending of Flight of the Librarian. Our heroes are faced with a new challenge, and a mystery that threatens to unravel and destroy the very fabric of Earth!

The show is at 8pm on Saturday, Oct 19 at Arcade Comedy Theater in downtown Pittsburgh. Tickets are on sale now! 

Dodge Returns to Arcade Comedy, Saturday June 1

Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time returns to Arcade Comedy Theater on Saturday, June 1, for another pair of thrilling and hilarious adventures. With their previous appearance at the theater being such a success (including the introduction of new visuals to accompany the live show), the trio is excited to get back on the stage.

This time around, the group will be performing two more classic adventures never before performed in the city of Pittsburgh.

At 8PM it’s Flesh & Bloodlines, the thrilling search for Dodge’s family secrets. And at 10PM it’s Duel with Death, a dark and frightening adventure into the history of a haunted Beaver County estate.

Tickets for both shows are available in advance. And just as before, audience members attending the 8pm show are invited to see the second show free! Tickets are $10 and $5 for students, and both shows are BYOB.

Riotous Good Time!

This past weekend, James, Mike, and Michael performed their first ever double-header at the brand new Arcade Comedy Theater in downtown Pittsburgh. At 8pm, they performed The Men of Tomorrow to a full house and followed it with a 10pm performance of The Riot Act. The shows were also the first time Dodge Intrepid has been presented with visuals! Accompanying both performances were slides featuring historic Aliquippa and Pittsburgh photographs, and illustrations of the shows’ settings.

Their performance also received a great review by Geek Pittsburgh, which happily reported that Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time is “still going strong” after nearly 7 years of shows:

Dressed in suits and ties, James Catullo, Michael Hinzman and Mike Rubino enthralled the packed house with their comedic radio-style scripts filled with Steel City references and the trio’s ability to juggle multiple characters with an assortment of vocal accents. The evening also included commercial breaks from sponsor Uncle Wilbur—whose products include “free-range potted meat,” “hang-gliding tours of Pittsburgh” and “health cigarettes”—which drew as much laughter as the narratives themselves. As an added bonus, Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time utilized the video screen at the Arcade Theater by including black-and-white photos to enhance the performance even more. 

With the success of Dodge at Arcade Comedy Theater, you can bet your potted meat that the trio will be returning there soon with even more great adventures.

Arcade Comedy Theater: March 23

Dodge Intrepid at Arcade

Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time
Arcade Comedy Theater
Saturday, March 23 at 8pm & 10pm
Use the code PLUCKY to get half-price tickets!

For the first time ever, these three men fill the stage with dozens of voices for two back-to-back adventures.

Harking back to the golden age of radio, Dodge Intrepid and the Pages of Time offers the over-the-top adventure and death-defying danger of serials like The Shadow or The Green Hornet. Because the show is written by and stars improvisational comedians, humor is front and center. Writers Catullo and Rubino, originally from Beaver County where the show first premiered,along with their third cast member, Pittsburgh actor Michael Hinzman, have regaled audiences with the daring exploits of Dodge Intrepid, the librarian hero, and Pluck Gumption, his intern sidekick, since 2005. The show mixes adventure, local history, and comedy in a unique spin on an old art form.

A time traveling librarian and his wide-eyed intern are racing against the clock to stop an Italian Futurist and Elektro, the Westinghouse robot, from destroying the Pittsburgh library system.


The mayor has been kidnapped, the city of Aliquippa is overrun by gangs of social clubs, and the military is building walls around the city to contain the madness. Now it’s up to our heroes, and a cast of colorful characters, to return a little bit of sanity to their beloved city.

Written and voiced by Mike Rubino & James Catullo along with Michael Hinzman.

Dodge Intrepid Returns with a TWO Live Shows!

After a hefty hiatus, the Dodge Intrepid Radio Show is returning to the stage! In just a few short weeks, Mike, James, and Mike will be making their debut at Pittsburgh’s newest theater venue Arcade Comedy Theater. And to make up for lost time, they’ll be performing not one, but two, radio adventures!

Arcade Comedy TheaterSaturday, March 23 at 8:00 & 10:00pm, you can hear two live performances of classic Dodge Intrepid adventures! Tickets are $10, $5 for students. And, if you come to the first show, you can stay for the second for free! Now that sounds like a deal that only Uncle Wilbur would concoct.

Tickets are available in advance, thanks to Brown Paper Tickets, or at the box office the night of the show. Both performances are all ages!

Tis the Season for Christmas Specials!

Fans, followers, subscribers, and general time-travel enthusiasts: Christmas time is here. It’s a time of love, reflection… and holiday specials! Unfortunately, this year we don’t have a new Christmas adventure planned–real life matters have been keeping us from our usual writing schedule–but we have plenty of holiday classics for you to revisit and share with friends!

Check out three of our favorite Christmas specials, all recorded live at Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea Co.! Some of them even feature special musical performances by Marissa DeSantis and Jason Panella.

Christmas 20082008 Christmas Special: Live

It’s Light-Up Night in the bustling burgh of Aliquippa, and Grandpa Edsel Intrepid is preparing for the big triumph of his first term as mayor: he’s going to create the most magical Christmas celebration ever, complete with a parade, living nativity, and children’s choir. Meanwhile, our hero, Dodge Intrepid, and his befriended nemesis, Buick LeSabre, are on their way out of town to a Vancouver Rare Book Expo and Symposium. Both of these seemingly unrelated events are brought together, however, when a saboteur shows up to destroy Christmas!

Christmas 20092009 Christmas Special: Live

Dodge Intrepid is faced with a dangerous dilemma: Pluck’s parents are due to arrive at the library for a holiday dinner, but his faithful intern has gone missing! With a questionable agency Santa Claus snooping around the library, and Tug moonlighting as his enemy, can our hero save the holiday from certain disaster?

2010 Christmas Special: Live

The city of Aliquippa finds itself steeped in fear as a rash of kidnappings have left the town helpless. With the entire police force on vacation (thanks to a decree from Dodge’s grandfather, Mayor Edsel Intrepid), it’s up to Dodge and Pluck to find out who’s behind the disappearances. What they discover will shake you to your very jolly core!

Christmas 2010

The Men of Tomorrow: Part 4 of 4

To escape certain doom, our heroes travel into the future only to discover a terrifying alternate reality run by robots! To restore order, Dodge and Pluck must bring the story full circle and stop The Futurist from destroying all of the libraries in Pittsburgh.

Recorded live at Steel City Improv Theater on May 6, 2011.

The Men of Tomorrow: Part 3 of 4

It’s a race against time as Dodge and Pluck try to thwart The Futurist’s epic chain of destruction! Floating factories, exploding inclines, circus acts, and an angry kraken are just some of the ingredients that may lead to the demolition of every library in Pittsburgh. Can our heroes navigate this maze of mayhem? Or has The Futurist one step ahead of the game?

Recorded live at Steel City Improv Theater on May 6, 2011.

The Men of Tomorrow: Part 2 of 4

After the Ambridge Library explodes, Dodge and Pluck find Electro, the golden Westinghouse robot, lingering nearby. This wandering automaton isn’t working alone, however, and our heroes track him back the basement of a local Sons of Italy where they discover a dangerous old foe.

Recorded live at Steel City Improv Theater on May 6, 2011.

The Men of Tomorrow: Part 1 of 4

Our adventure opens in Italy, 79 A.D., as Dodge and Pluck race around Mt. Vesuvius in search of Allister Farious and the missing Tome of Fire. Their mission is operating under time constraints, however, as the volcanic mountain rumbles in the distance.

Recorded live at Steel City Improv Theater on May 6, 2011.

Flesh and Bloodlines: Part 4 of 4

Our heroes, along with their new found family and robotic friends, traverse the entire country in this epic finale. As they survey the world of 2525 A.D., they race to find their missing half of the Chronotope and the Linguarota.

This performance was recorded live at Cafe Kolache, Beaver, PA, on August 21, 2010.

Flesh and Bloodlines: Part 3 of 4

After being kidnapped in 1900 Alaska by a man in a flying hovercraft, our heroes awaken in a dark prison cell. They may be far from home in both time and space, but Dodge and Pluck find themselves close to family.

This performance was recorded live at Cafe Kolache, Beaver, PA, on August 21, 2010.

Flight Takes Off

Flight of the Librarian CastThe newest installment of Dodge Intrepid, Flight of the Librarian, was a grand success this past weekend. It debuted at the Cabaret at Theater Square in downtown Pittsburgh to one of the largest live audiences the show has ever enjoyed. The show, which featured over 40 characters and close to 60 sound effects, was an epic installment that picked up after the events of Curse of the Book Thief.

This Fall, we’ll present the next adventure of Dodge Intrepid, continuing the thrilling new tale that embodies our sixth season. In the meantime, enjoy our delayed podcasts and stay tuned for more exciting news!

Flesh and Bloodlines: Part 1 of 4

While cleaning out an office in the library, Dodge uncovers a box of letters from his parents. Not only is this the first correspondence he’s ever read from them, but the letters tell of a secret artifact that may be the key to solving the runes in Dodge’s mystical books!

This performance was recorded live at Cafe Kolache, Beaver, PA, on August 21, 2010.

Flight of the Librarian Debuts Aug 18th

Flight of the LibrarianPittsburgh’s favorite adventure-comedy radio show is back! Live! At the Cabaret at Theater Square on August 18th!

Upon returning from yet another book adventure, world-famous librarian and secret time-traveler, Dodge Intrepid, finds himself suddenly public enemy number one in his beloved Aliquippa. Suddenly, every man, woman, and child are on the hunt for our hero and his loyal intern, Pluck Gumption. Even Dodge’s closest and most trusted friends and family have mysteriously turned on him, almost as if something—or someone—controls their minds.

With no safe place to turn, Dodge and Pluck are forced to take flight. They find refuge in the wilds of Beaver County. From there they must discover the secret force that is controlling their friends, and find a way to stop it before it seizes power over the entire world.

Picking up after the events of Curse of the Book Thief, this new adventure features the written wit of Mike Rubino and James Catullo, performed alongside talented voice actors Michael Hinzman and Abby Fudor.

The Riot Act: Part 4 of 4

Dodge and his posse storm the Aliquippa mayor’s office to reinstall Edsel Intrepid and restore order to the city. There’s more to this climactic final showdown than just fisticuffs, as the true power of the Kryodex is finally unleashed! Can our heroes bring peace to Aliquippa? Find out in this epic conclusion.

The Riot Act: Part 2 of 4

With Ted Brubaker as mayor and dozens of social club gangs roaming the streets, the city of Aliquippa is plunged in to complete chaos. The Army institutes a secret plan to wall off the city, and it’s up to Dodge and Pluck to infiltrate it and try to fight their way to town hall. Meanwhile, Allister is searching for Edsel Intrepid, who has escaped with the Kryodex.

Death Mountain Crusaders: Part 4 of 4

Our heroes’ epic journey comes to a thrilling and action-packed conclusion as Dodge, Pluck, and Toronado return to Death Mountain. Their quest takes them back to prehistoric Africa where they find vicious animals, deadly traps, and their Dodge’s arch-nemesis!

Death Mountain Crusaders: Part 3 of 4

Dodge, Pluck, and the crusading knight Sir Toronado are in a race against Allister and Amsterdamd! Their journey takes them to dangerous, hidden temples and tasks them with challenges requiring every skill they possess… all with hopes of finding that mystical new book: The Kryodex.

Dodge Intrepid Fan Art

Dodge Cast drawn by Emily Shilts

Artwork by Emily Shilts

A few weeks back we received our first official piece of fan art! Emily sent in an amazing rendition of Dodge, Pluck, Grandpa, and Allister. She told us that she drew this, and other Dodge sketches, while listening to the podcast for inspiration. Excellent work!

If you’ve drawn some Dodge Intrepid pictures, we’d love to see them! Just send us an e-mail and we’ll post them on our site and Facebook page.

Web of the Futurist: Part 3 of 4

After being stranded in the strange world of 2010, our heroes travel to Ancient Greece for a final showdown with The Futurist. Along the way, Dodge and Pluck team up with two of history’s greatest philosophers, and one questionable mythological creature.

Web of the Futurist: Part 2 of 4

Dodge and Pluck learn that their Italian nemesis, The Futurist, is alive and is trying to cleanse the world through war. But our heroes make an even more startling discovery when they travel to the year 2010 and find a future unlike anything they’ve seen before.

Web of the Futurist: Part 1 of 4

After narrowly surviving a tank attack on the beaches of France, our heroes discover that there is a threat far greater than the Nazis: Futurists. Now, Dodge and Pluck must infiltrate the group of Italian anarchists in order to find out who is leading this dangerous revival.

Live Sound: Live 4/26/08

This Live Sound performance features “I.L.L. 2” along with music by Jason Panella and a preview of “Web of the Futurist.” Recorded live at Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea Co. on April 26, 2008. This recording has been edited to only include the I.L.L. episode.

[This episode is only available on our website and isn’t being podcast.]